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Such a pretty thing. Such a shame she had to scream. He thinks he may have broken one of her teeth. Not so pretty anymore. He is angry for breaking her. That’s not how a true gentleman would do things. If his mother was still alive, she’d be very disappointed in his behaviour. But then, mother was always very negative. Nothing ever seemed good enough. He mind drifts to the lemon tree out the back. How very appropriate she should be festering underneath it. The sour bitch.

Random Modnar

What’s it all for?
Why don’t I write anymore?

We’ve lost the words
that lost the meaning
it’s all without feeling –
Let the others believe
and save us all
if none at all.

Stepping over – stepping back –
I shouldn’t have dropped my weapon.

The Corner of Your Mouth

Kiss Kiss
oh do tell –
Sweet like a raspberry
pink, soft and ripe
juice trickles
and tickles my play
and all mine this time
I’m not going to share
that sensual spot
I want to lick little lick
the smile playing
in the corners of his
warm mouth
my mouth –
lest he take it from me.

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