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Baby wants to touch it
Touch it tenderly
This prison of muscle
Blood pumping, thumping hard
Reminding me of the time
It was alive and well
Sending postcards
Long ago, almost gone now
The memory of how you
Smothered the pain
With your calloused hand
Worn from wringing
the insecurity
From your being.


Hey you – surefire.  I’ve seen you here before.  I’ve seen you under my eyelids.  You come and go and come and go like the neighbourhood stray.  Lithe and warm and sunken under my fingertips, as if having never been touched.  I hear your box of bees buzzing and know that this is meaningful.  This is real.  Each action begets a reaction – and this is me, reacting.  Tell me that you like it.


This is the sun
Calling out for a fever
Calling out for me to participate

This is the water
Rushing in my ears
Sea shells on the beach

This is my lover
Gentle in his touch
Whisking me away

This is the horizon
Drawn like a smile
Bubbles on our skin

This is our time
Footprints in the sand
Unchanging with the tide

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