Archive for September, 2010

I find a note of discord about his curious face
Trying to piece together a knowing
the thick melody red in the balloon glass
tittering on the edge of a frameless mood
blown about with a whistling sigh
rises in tendrils from his hot skin
and settles into the paint-peeling walls
of a heart once deliciously vibrant
and warmed by undertones
this joyous notion
my sweet serene.


There is this shadow belonging, purpose unawares
the ants marching uphill and the drummerboy with a plan
only it doesn’t work so well
when the weatherman with a feathered crest
calling upon the heavens
Watered down and dissolves
like a teaspoon of sugar under the tongue
and a fat women with her breadroll ankles
Baking in the swelter of the all omnipresent
Sun dipping behind
There it goes again