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Life in Sepia
Without the red
Rushing anger pushing
Forward on the piano roll
The crashing crescendo
The crushing heart
My love for you
From the very start


Don’t want to hear the answer
If I have to wait
It’s far too late for us now
Can’t bury myself in the idea
If you’re not here then I’m not here
Don’t want to be here
Shouldn’t have to ask
Set myself down slowly
It’s a long road
Full of pot holes
And I can’t drive manual anymore
Wind myself around a tree
Wind myself into a knot
It’s not you it’s me
Don’t want it to be.


Bite my tongue so hard it bleeds
Ponders the loathing instilled in me
Doesn’t take much to get me riled
A feeling I haven’t had in a while
For the sake of pleasantries
I’ll side-step the hole
Stand spine up straight
And ignore the troll.

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