Archive for June, 2012

Thoughts spiral out, twirler.
Girly, girl: Unlady, lady.
Damn this compass, really.
Show me not true North, but these negative steps.
On black, where I am white.
Primal, and balance my hues in a less offensive manner.
I am cautious.
I am not the fool.
But I could be.

Something in between

Here it is
Loose leaf
Shake it out short!
Only got yourself
To blame
For the purge, or the strain
The first brew
Baby I’m back


Doubt. It circles overhead… like carrion, looking to strip the meat from my bones, until I am no more than bones.
I am convinced of the making, but the maker; Me… and the past catching up to me. Best not to amuse the mind with thoughts of roads untraveled. These choices, the action (or, inaction) of a different time.
I am alive! I am alive and well. I am here to share my moment. I am here to love wholly, discharged from my being. This doubt is only reminding me. Really.