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Sleep cannot hide you

Dreams of the Paper Woman, again
Pale face, dark wispy hair
And dead, raven-like eyes
A red slash, her mouth
Tall, long hanging arms
And long, sharpened nails
All in black, her bones protruding
She turns to her side
And folds herself under the door
Folds like paper, the Paper Woman
She hides in a shadow; a crease
And waits until you’re in the room
A locked room
Slips out of a crack
And starts unravelling
Until she is tall, again
Cold, musing eyes
And scratching her nails
Against the floor
Toward you, backing up
Backing up

The Lunch Hour

We grasped hands today
Across a table
Over our hot glasses
Of coffee and milk
I love you, were my words
As I often do
Sitting across from you
I said- Of course
I have had with others, Before
But not without the hurt;
The two polarities
I thought would forever
Dance in my heart, Then
I was looking for it
Looking for you
One lives on
With you, only ever the one
Know only one side of the coin
Only love, my love
Known it as long as we
Had been reaching to each other
Across tables.