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Alt + Ego
Clyde-stomping the premise is road-worthy
Bullet toes lick the dirty bitumen
Run as fast as you can
The truth in speed is weighing
that extra pound, dragging you down
the fingers know, the soft throat
ready for the upheaval karnival
I’m on the carousel.


I’m sensing a theme
a play on words
a craving
for the obscene
lights dull
in shocked eyes
I mean no offense
that understanding
follows in the spaces
of my babble.


It’s coming to that time, I’ve been so complacent.
Breathing air of unease,
I look alright; surely,
No one will know.
When I’m seeing it for what it is,
Down the line, there will be time
to fix it.
It’s a madhouse in my head –
Everything doesn’t make sense
No prescribe in a point
Where one wants to exist.
Desperately dreams,
seemingly, make-believe –
a place I’d like to go.

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