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By Any Other Name

Poor boy
how little you know
You call my name
without infliction
but awareness
would serve
you best
call me
The Minx
don’t call me


The outpouring is often indecipherable, even to myself. Words leaps forward and explode from my hands; each connotation cleverly disguised in well placed euphemisms. Truthfully, I find it easier to live through her than myself, and acting out in her fabrication gives me the presence I could not normally achieve in the real.

It could be faux or it could be fur – either way you’re still wearing it.


The Minx in her dark – slips dangerously from the screen – the concept plays out in my being.  She finds rapture in colours, textures and warmths.  Breathes in the sticky desire and reports later in monotones and waxen eyes.  Never discouraged and finding fuel in the eyes of the animal, she submits herself to the ego.  Her temperament; a pushy affection, disguisedly selfless – the drug of choice.  Never timid, always with sense of [placebo] control.  The hunger is insatiable; it flows without ebb.  She is driven to please; this monster in me.

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