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May you wake without the ache
and be a stranger to the reservation
smothering positive expectation
May your spirit carry on the wind
and ride the gentle stream
may your heart, buoyant,
light and unburdened
Dare -once more- to dream.

Ode to KFM

KFM – she’s at it again
Crushing flowers, underfoot
In Cinderella shoes
She swears she’ll never lose
Not like the last pair

She’s carrying a whip
Whipping him into submission
He denies, (ha, lies)
But really, we know the truth
He’s a keeper if
He buys you shoes.


The lonely dance, the dreams
A wonderful place to meet
The vignette-lit sidestreets
of this dusty city, rattling tram
Barefoot, stilettos in hand
Broken bottle glass, wine glass,
I forget now
Not enough fingers to count
Searching for the red door
Although still red, not sure anymore
We climbed those stairs
Many a time long-before
The hard slug, the side-sway
And then the complex delight
We hankered down, grimy
and emerged in the Sunlight.