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wholly lost
engulfed in flame
it cries into its reflection —
the mirror (the mirror!).
the seer; fingers dripping
emerald promises
of depth and certain knowing
a dance of red delight
and words a-twisting
inside the brain
it tells the heart
to feel no pain.

Well (From The Book of Minx)

Way down over a sharp edge
a pitted void and bottom-less tumbling
we fall into a kiss
and move against the world
against a time
I would cry for you.

Sharing Your Pain

My dear friend, did I tell you:
It reminds me of when
and a person I used to be
Sharing in the heartache.
I thought, back then
Too much, but not enough
To save my skin, when
My skin was burning
With rage.
He was nonchalant, non-committal
The anti boyfriend.
Taking all his pleasures
Without giving in his stride
Bruised arms and broken things
Yes, he was the guy.
I see his likes again
Kicking dust in your eyes
Stamping his mark
Your suffering heart, I’m sure
Turning to stone.
For the reassure
You’ve heard so many times
Before this instance
Just another sad play
Your forgiving heart, I’m sure
Sweating it out, those tears
Solid state, solid stone
And here your version
Of my fuckwit ex-boyfriend
Hasn’t come home.

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