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I’m not sold.  This Grand Scheme.  This Plan.  I question destiny.  I question reality.  Because I’m not who I said I was.  I’m not who I claim to be.  You entrusted me with your vote.  I misled you into believing.  I was aware.  I knew the consequences of my actions.  I thought I could pull it off.  I thought I could disguise.  I never saw it as a lie.  Only that which I thought I should be; the person you wanted me to be.  Could I blame you for the encouragement?  The judgement?  Had you not wanted it for me, could I have gotten this far without wearing this identity?  I question my place.  I question your loyalty.  Whatever will become of me?

He Hurts Me

He hurts me
takes his clean blade
with a clean cut
lets me bleed it out

I’m giddy for his time
I’m giddy all the time

He hurts me
in the memory
a pinch of salt
and a stinging slap
my reality fades out

I’m fighting a losing battle
I’m losing the battle to fight



It is far too easy to dismiss
This time, something surely amiss
The Great Design
I once thought it to be

Too bad for me
Too late to untie

Laces make me stumble
Like the clumsy child
From memory
From the very beginning.

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