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The Wrinkles Appear

Crow’s Feet [so sweet] he says
You’ve laughed a lot in your life
Either that, or
You need glasses
And here I am, giving him that look
Narrowed eyes
and then laughing
at my stupidity.

Easy Words (From The Book of Minx)

You swoop in with a flame
Oh the Rapture
to make this unconventional
this foray
this Here to Stay
of loving me
even in the dark, troubled
and hurtful
Memories before you and me
You tell me I fascinate you
and that you want more
from a mouth
that gives it away so freely.

In the Night Hour (From The Book of Minx)

Oh god.
The sweet smell of the man beside me
I want to climb over and straddle him
but settle for the warm taste
of his warm skin
and his feathery breath
while he’s sleeping.

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