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Nightshade (From The Book of Minx)

He touches my throat
I tell him it hurts, here
The place the blood
Shows my intention
the shimmy-shayed peacock
Though, I’m not the peacock
Just. Holding the cock
And loving him
smelling it
on me.

Only Words

I am deliberate
Want to probe, penetrate
That I find of interest
My only method
The invitation to play
Sticky, senseless
Breathless –
and to what benefit
But the banter,
a curious dialogue
and the idea
of rapture.


Billowing clouds butterfly kisses sweet ripe weeping cherries happy hour sunset on the cooling desert or over the still horizon of the ocean LOVEISLIKE flickering candle flames careful hands soft chirrups of happy birds warm milk the warm earth sandy grains slipping through my quivering fingers and there is that diamond ring you proudly gave me that declares LOVEISLIKE.

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