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Burning Sage

Oh! Ego. Argo – not again!
Painless, not pointless.
It won’t happen…
not like you; I’m different (!).
Rest assured,
or don’t rest at all,
you know it’s only
a matter of time
before you push the button.
Go on.
Push it.


wholly lost
engulfed in flame
it cries into its reflection —
the mirror (the mirror!).
the seer; fingers dripping
emerald promises
of depth and certain knowing
a dance of red delight
and words a-twisting
inside the brain
it tells the heart
to feel no pain.

Getting Along

she doesn’t have the hurt
she says she’s quite okay
— and she is,
something else has changed.

she doesnt seem to know
the person she’s meant to be.
she’s watching a stranger
act themselves as her lead.

she seems so well to cope
somehow turned off that sure-ache
by occupying with distractions,
— beguiled.

she is unsure of the path
the choices her spirit will make
the possibilities delight
and terrify her all the same.

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