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Fingers and Toes

You’re on my list, baby
And the memory drives me crazy
Too bad it’s too good for you now
Could do with a bit of you now
Yeah, might try to work it over again
See if I can get you in tune
Surely you still feel it too?
Well, sorry for bothering you!


The skyless dark night
Punctured by a streetlight
With a mind of its own
as it commands the corner over there
Indecisively and not unlike me.
Pocket heavy with foldable commodity
I start up the incline, slow in stepping as
Gravel crunches underfoot
I stop, summon the hush
Become statue still, one with the night
Here comes a low grumble, a mechanical purring
Heralding the arrival of tonight’s trade
Never mind the time, he’s late again
This time-poor, predictable
The rumbling beast in sight now
With the high-beam probing
Illuminating the sleeping trees, fences, me,
Can’t help but shield my eyes
As it washes past
And slowing, rolls to a rest.
Polite discourse, of course
He counts them out in my hand
“Magic Beans,” he says “One, Two, Three”
and then a parting goodbye
He offers the advice, “Plant only one at a time.”
I bob my head in understanding
Smile as the vision starts receding
Fool: Yes, I know the story well…
Let me make my own mistakes.

The Sun is a Sure Thing

Man is his own Master
with an ego fit to consume, believes
it’s his for the taking
Crafts the world to his liking
and shapes the future
with present fortunes.
The preservation of self
and the pursuit of luxury
(carelessly, selfishly)
He lives in the moment:
self-indulgent and blasé
In this life, this existence
He rules like a King
and commands many things-
But the Sun,
The Sun is a Sure Thing:
and guaranteed to win,
Every time.

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