The Second Law

Returns at cycle’s end
the laws agreed
as matter
Reassembles itself
– the Universal Source.

Astro Arcana

Life in colour
Life in closing
it is the silver of dreams
as it explodes
outwards and onwards
in a million different shards.

No fear
as the heart beats / skips
and warm flush, the physical cue
in the moment
you gleaned it, you knew.

The natural course
of this miraculous
a process of energy
that moves the working parts
of me.

Fingers and Toes

You’re on my list, baby
And the memory drives me crazy
Too bad it’s too good for you now
Could do with a bit of you now
Yeah, might try to work it over again
See if I can get you in tune
Surely you still feel it too?
Well, sorry for bothering you!

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