The Observed

It must feel wrong
when someone remarks
how well you’re getting along
Ablaze, your thoughts rage
with protest
and unseen-
your heavy heart sinks
sinks, sinks
as the depths
of your anguish
engulf that calm moment
you were bouyant, present
without focus, without pain
until stirred by the memory
and swallowed by the shame.


May you wake without the ache
and be a stranger to the reservation
smothering positive expectation
May your spirit carry on the wind
and ride the gentle stream
may your heart, buoyant,
light and unburdened
Dare -once more- to dream.


Baby face
Oh how the lines have travelled
from dimple to crease
to split that peach
from the stone
Not unlike the cold
Hard, plastic bodies
of a childhood expectation
I grew to know
and never know
or the catcalls
Unsought, unspent
When breasts no bigger
than chicken eggs
there came a passage
A vision of red
to deliver the sinning
and leave only regret.

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