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He threw a heavy bag at me
and said “hold this and think of me”

Do it Alone

I did not seek approval, the conviction
unfaltering even as I stepped out
the momentous undertaking
ahead of me, required
to bring about the change
I had decided to gift myself.

I did not hope for acceptance
but perhaps that you would
pretend to understand
because it’s so much harder
opposed; your choice
and a disapproving voice
not hearing the words
this is important to me

strong, the negativity
doesn’t deter,
but it sure adds weight
to the labouring
the realising the dream
as I’m doing it alone
alone, just me.

Finding Silence, Remembering

The lesser morning sun
breathless, long strides – I climb
wipe my brow, shade my eyes
the summit
although not particularly high
gifts me with the horizon
in every direction
and an empty silence
I had searched for …
Mornings, pre-dawn
I’d venture out in the dark
desperate for a moment
of complete solitude
to connect with the world
without urban distraction
the maddening sound of cars
starting, driving past
sound amplified by the dark
and weighing heavy on my heart
It’s been there, for so long
it was all so wrong, I did not belong!
and no sleepy hour
was ever truly free
of people in boxes, making busy
driven by needs
alien to me and untroubled
(unlike me)
someone who had known it previously
cageless. ageless. faceless.
wall-less. free-form. possibility!

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