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May you wake without the ache
and be a stranger to the reservation
smothering positive expectation
May your spirit carry on the wind
and ride the gentle stream
may your heart, buoyant,
light and unburdened
Dare -once more- to dream.

The Willing

Troubled; musing
A life’s teachings
The floating feather
the throat
and honey craving
a wavering resistance
shimmers, solidity
into possession
and out again.

A Game of Breeding

I am 28, almost 29
happy in life, this Lifestyle
I enjoy with a man, who
Wants the same things I do
He says we’re “selfish”
and I don’t disagree
We want only for ourselves
just Him and Me

My girlfriends
with car seats and prams
Half-hearted plans
with a certain unavailability,
Oh the difficulty [!]
of an organised life
…No, not for me

I am content
with my OCD.

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