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In the Night Hour (From The Book of Minx)

Oh god.
The sweet smell of the man beside me
I want to climb over and straddle him
but settle for the warm taste
of his warm skin
and his feathery breath
while he’s sleeping.

Well (From The Book of Minx)

Way down over a sharp edge
a pitted void and bottom-less tumbling
we fall into a kiss
and move against the world
against a time
I would cry for you.

The Lunch Hour

We grasped hands today
Across a table
Over our hot glasses
Of coffee and milk
I love you, were my words
As I often do
Sitting across from you
I said- Of course
I have had with others, Before
But not without the hurt;
The two polarities
I thought would forever
Dance in my heart, Then
I was looking for it
Looking for you
One lives on
With you, only ever the one
Know only one side of the coin
Only love, my love
Known it as long as we
Had been reaching to each other
Across tables.

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