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Billowing clouds butterfly kisses sweet ripe weeping cherries happy hour sunset on the cooling desert or over the still horizon of the ocean LOVEISLIKE flickering candle flames careful hands soft chirrups of happy birds warm milk the warm earth sandy grains slipping through my quivering fingers and there is that diamond ring you proudly gave me that declares LOVEISLIKE.

The Corner of Your Mouth

Kiss Kiss
oh do tell –
Sweet like a raspberry
pink, soft and ripe
juice trickles
and tickles my play
and all mine this time
I’m not going to share
that sensual spot
I want to lick little lick
the smile playing
in the corners of his
warm mouth
my mouth –
lest he take it from me.

Nothing to Name

An affair, an indiscretion
A romance, a fling
Something worth living
If it makes you feel alive

Without title, non-committal
something simple

Buoyant, unsinking
and rising from the depths
of something unknown

No weary, no trouble
unrestrained, carefree
Somewhere baby,
Take me baby,
Take me there.

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