The skyless dark night
Punctured by a streetlight
With a mind of its own
as it commands the corner over there
Indecisively and not unlike me.
Pocket heavy with foldable commodity
I start up the incline, slow in stepping as
Gravel crunches underfoot
I stop, summon the hush
Become statue still, one with the night
Here comes a low grumble, a mechanical purring
Heralding the arrival of tonight’s trade
Never mind the time, he’s late again
This time-poor, predictable
The rumbling beast in sight now
With the high-beam probing
Illuminating the sleeping trees, fences, me,
Can’t help but shield my eyes
As it washes past
And slowing, rolls to a rest.
Polite discourse, of course
He counts them out in my hand
“Magic Beans,” he says “One, Two, Three”
and then a parting goodbye
He offers the advice, “Plant only one at a time.”
I bob my head in understanding
Smile as the vision starts receding
Fool: Yes, I know the story well…
Let me make my own mistakes.

Jesse Falk