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Mud Musings

A mattress on the floor –
I lay on my side
and stare at the wall.

You forget. Then you wake.
Another crushing heart break.

When she dies
They’ll eat her eyes.

Bare –
There’s no baby in there.

She’s a hollow girl –
filled only by the night
and that one fight
where he tells his wife.

The Plastic Tarp (From The Book of Minx)

Body parts
Doll, baby
Work my bends
and bending for you
hard slapping plastic
and it’s fucking fantastic
I’ll take it all.

Nightshade (From The Book of Minx)

He touches my throat
I tell him it hurts, here
The place the blood
Shows my intention
the shimmy-shayed peacock
Though, I’m not the peacock
Just. Holding the cock
And loving him
smelling it
on me.