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Locked Door

and the memory

She locked herself
in the bathroom
to open the door

I was summoned, the authority
exasperated with hands in the air
“talk to her, will you”

“Go away! I want to kill myself.”

I could do nothing
but bare witness
to the moment that later,
we pretended hadn’t occurred

the next day
normalcy returned

and I rubbed my temple
where it had burned.


Sometimes I hear the words, coming out of my mouth
and I wonder what you think of me –
am I she of loose-morals,
she, the hussy, the attention-seeking
she of desperation, of self-degradation
she of poor judgement, with questionable choices
she, without stability.


Let’s play with addictions
let’s have a good time –
if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.
Let’s get weird together
fill our bellies with fire –
laugh until we cry.
Let’s make a memory
Something just between you and I –
a gift to immortalise the time.
Let’s get lost together
hold hands and simply roam –
enjoy finding our way home.

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