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I am awake, but I disassociate.
I read something, somewhere, once –
that it’s a common symptom of the BPD
an affliction that just comes upon me
to act without thought or intent,
and replay the movie later in my head
– it’s a crime scene, waiting to be undressed
to piece it all together and make sense of the mess.

All the Girls

Caged –
the little bird has a big song
and if he holds her throat for too long
he might just set her free.

Mud Musings

A mattress on the floor –
I lay on my side
and stare at the wall.

You forget. Then you wake.
Another crushing heart break.

When she dies
They’ll eat her eyes.

Bare –
There’s no baby in there.

She’s a hollow girl –
filled only by the night
and that one fight
where he tells his wife.

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