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Life in Sepia
Without the red
Rushing anger pushing
Forward on the piano roll
The crashing crescendo
The crushing heart
My love for you
From the very start

Here and Now

It is of the sometimes
Of the good times
A friend makes comment
The things I forget
About here and now
And the spaces in between
How I waited and somehow
You found your way to me
A comment
Of how happy you make me
And how perfect it seems
Not sometimes
but always, baby.

Before the DJ

I wrote it for you, Birthday Boy
but the words kept on coming, kept on coming
the furious train – ever so late
forgot to stop and pick up the pieces
To make it whole, to make it known
I watched you with tender – I put forward
My submission, my only narrative
of where the night would carry us
down the whistling streets you knew
As a boy, Birthday Boy.

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