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The Lunch Hour

We grasped hands today
Across a table
Over our hot glasses
Of coffee and milk
I love you, were my words
As I often do
Sitting across from you
I said- Of course
I have had with others, Before
But not without the hurt;
The two polarities
I thought would forever
Dance in my heart, Then
I was looking for it
Looking for you
One lives on
With you, only ever the one
Know only one side of the coin
Only love, my love
Known it as long as we
Had been reaching to each other
Across tables.

No more tears

The Lyrical Goddess
With her sure-hand
Right hand
Drew upon the musings
Of a dark thought
A dark passage
Could describe the pain
A battalion of words
Onward marching, marching
Carrying the flag, high
Only now, seems feeble
The fight
Sapped and sucked from her being
No meaning
Only a plight
Of a forgotten time
Happy woman
Without a reason
To write.


Ahhh baby, baby
Out of three, she asks
What’s so special about me?
And aren’t I a little concerned
About all those other girls
Say, Mr DJ?
I tell her what’s meant to be
Tell her your words:
It doesn’t get any better than me!
Confirm that it’s not just your look
But your taste, smell
Heart, Soul and shared Life Goals
And now think back to
Our beginning, our introduction
If we didn’t meet then
It would’ve been somewhere else then!
It’s the easy road ahead
I won’t call it Destiny,
But two people who
Were meant to be.

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