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Love is rabid
A blanket of unknowing
Strangles and suffocates
Heavy and heaving
Chest beating
Heart hurting
I’m too scared
My insides spill out
My tongue lolling
My eyes rolling
Bite down
Pain is subjective
In the text only
Derives this uncertainty
I’m so unsure
But so definitive
It hurts because it is real
Love is rabid
Nothing else matters
Love is rabid
You’ve bitten me hard.


I wish: not for a lullaby
nor the candid intermission
but the gentle rhythm
for a long-play song
written only for you

I wish: not for a crescendo
nor chorus, nor solo
although am not disillusioned
of this current drumbeat bridge
dare it threaten to fade-out

I wish:  I am hopeful
and here I pray (to whom: perhaps disillusioned)
for the return of the music
of the song
want to hear your voice
in every unmade memory.

Tai Chi

Ah the comedy of this fine emotion
Hot flush and head rush
I am unduly undersigned
my sweet never forgotten
even in my dreams
We partake in parody
and laugh with full bellies
Something wistful
the gentle breeze
calming, calming
my soothing balm
my delicious man.

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