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An image, deliberately deceived
of a savage and untamed thing
and indeed, at times emotions are wild
and uncaged, but the intention
is controlled and well-played
in truth, she knows exactly how to wield
the power of her wand
to get exactly what she wants
because foolishly she believes
that her worth is a measure
of the pleasure she receives.

The Sun is a Sure Thing

Man is his own Master
with an ego fit to consume, believes
it’s his for the taking
Crafts the world to his liking
and shapes the future
with present fortunes.
The preservation of self
and the pursuit of luxury
(carelessly, selfishly)
He lives in the moment:
self-indulgent and blasé
In this life, this existence
He rules like a King
and commands many things-
But the Sun,
The Sun is a Sure Thing:
and guaranteed to win,
Every time.