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Once small, her voice weak
she struggled to find the words to speak
to say no. no. no.
because life inevitably gives
us moments in the score
where the lyrics are a-jumble
and the protagonist stumbles
through the conflict, the character-making scene
like then, when there came a familiar face
of a man with a vile plan; a secret plan
this I’m sure, he’d thought it before
to make her laugh, just enough
so that he could take a hand
and make it wrong.


She nodded toward me
made a comment
not a lady, or a miss,
but a girl
she called me
and it struck me
with interest
so that the idea
like a ball
rebounded in my brain
again and again and again
until I settled, pleased,
that I should be seen-
not for my years
surmised by my age,
but for the smile offered
in its place.

A Game of Breeding

I am 28, almost 29
happy in life, this Lifestyle
I enjoy with a man, who
Wants the same things I do
He says we’re “selfish”
and I don’t disagree
We want only for ourselves
just Him and Me

My girlfriends
with car seats and prams
Half-hearted plans
with a certain unavailability,
Oh the difficulty [!]
of an organised life
…No, not for me

I am content
with my OCD.

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