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Friday’s Muse

This hypocrisy
is getting the better
of me
Where once unseeing
unfeeling, uncaring
Could easily place
the blame
Driven by the
that I was right
but now
I’m not so sure
I’m tired
and I don’t want
to be
that way

Are you finished
Torturing me?
A lonely soul
knows all too well
the emptiness
can take its toll
And there you go
and fill me
with this casual
While all this
unfeeling, non-committal
sits, and festers
in the air.

Sunshine delivers
and a false sense
of security
that if there is
One cannot be alone
in the dark.

The bad man
Knows not
and these consequences
would never be
if I hadn’t let
the bad man
get to me.

The Eternal

In the cool, dark incessant ocean, under the crystal heavens. The lunar coin, a beacon. The gentle surf roars through the black; thunderous, all-consuming, eternal. The body of water alight: the stars spawn fireflies. The rapture of the night, miles onshore, under my eyes, words take me there.

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