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I can feel it slipping away from me-
the MANA, and the MANNA
try to rub it back into my skin
in hope that it will stay
It comes breathing from me,
naked in the moment
insurmountable in its effect
the electrical current
Once quivering in my making
dispersed elsewhere, gone.

Hump Day

Bad day go away
Let the rain fall
In someone else’s sunshine
Not mine!

Melbourne Winter

Falls sidestream
Glare and lazy sash-sway
Dotted cool, calm
Horns blare
Screeching slow-down
Taxi light delights
Shivering sidewalker
And chirpy nonchalant
Winter birds
Swoop through mist
And misery
Hello Winter!
Is it me you’re looking for?
Always creeping in the bones
Seeping through my clothes
Downplay your affection
Sodden scuffed
Forgotten umbrella.

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