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He has gone – and for how long – only the night will tell.  I miss him in this place – I miss him close to me.   I play lovestruck, heartache, burning deep inside.  No one can know what it’s like.  It is difficult to describe.  And sometimes I just want to close it up – those lasting hours – until the tick click of the front door – and the shuffling into the room.  He crawls into this warm place – where I have wasted the night – sleepless and restless and aching like sunburn.  He yawns and rubs his weary eyes – while I sniffle – over trivial matters – that no matter.  He pulls me close and tells me – he loves me.  I was in the missing – and I look forward to the kissing – the sorry for the empty.  Only – now he has gone – and again – I am alone.


I will miss it in my own time
when I am down and I am done
they will know the secrets
underneath the layers, slight, fair
and cleverly reflected
obscene and unprotected
from a balance sought
by the lies that I bought
back when I wasn’t sober.


She can’t talk straight
Can’t talk at all
Unless she reveals it all
This one inconsiderate
This one unbalanced line
No happy medium
and the expectation
That she would lie to keep the peace
Smile to see her teeth
a little crooked
She can’t talk straight.

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