You’re a fucking fool, girl
Oh how they like to play you, girl
You give it all without reservation
And they take, take, take,
Without hesitation
‘Til there’s nothing left of you, girl
Except a should-know-better fucking fool girl.


I have a black God
who, at times, leads me lost
without tether, without reason
without return.
The summoning,
comes from an empty place
of dark pools
in which no light can escape.
Where silken glass shards,
lay scattered down below;
the remnants of a shattered heart
like forgotten confetti
once adorned,
in dark ceremony –
the very making
of this tragedy.

Mud Musings

A mattress on the floor –
I lay on my side
and stare at the wall.

You forget. Then you wake.
Another crushing heart break.

When she dies
They’ll eat her eyes.

Bare –
There’s no baby in there.

She’s a hollow girl –
filled only by the night
and that one fight
where he tells his wife.

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