Things I Love About Your Cats

Romeo’s favourite sleeping spot is on the foot rest in the lounge. Squeak’s is in the cat bed by the front door.
Squeak may be the bigger of the two, but Romeo is the little gobble-guts… as soon as he hears you in the kitchen he’ll come bolting in. I’ve also noticed Squeak has his own bowl, which is the one closest to the sink. Romeo has his own bowl too, which he’ll always go to first – but it doesn’t stop him from eating out of both.
Squeak doesn’t malt as much as Romeo.
Romeo and Squeak are not really friends. I think Romeo would like something more, but Squeak is very weary of him – always slinking past. In the beginning, Romeo was very affectionate and would follow me around everywhere. This meant that I didn’t get much attention from Squeak.
Romeo likes to sleep in bed with you. Squeak does as well, but only when he gets there first. One night I went to bed with Squeak and woke up with Romeo.

Jesse Falk