You Can Quote Me

Stiff fingers. Is it wrong to love the rain and hate the cold?

The unattainable I must appear or else you would have found me here.

Friendship is a free consultation.

This madness: my straight line In infinite sadness

I’m just a piece of meat on a silver plate. Something you’re bound to eat but never taste.

I am slowly getting over my drinking problem.

I am an imposter in this body.

I am the bad woman come to steal your man. Not because I want him: just because I can.

The lengths one goes to.

The rising sun spawns a thousand ideals.

Anticipation; will this goddamn train leave already?

Come out of the dark and howl at the moon.

I am playing with alter egos.

The single girl with her disposable income could go far in this place.

Good people and good business dealing ensure my return.

The sad song plays along. I find comfort in lyrics written for another.

This headache is more than I can take.

You give me that look: the melting kind.

My train hisses underneath. The air hums with electricity.

I’d like to read myself to you; like a book. Yes, it would be that easy.

Jesse Falk