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Only Words

I am deliberate
Want to probe, penetrate
That I find of interest
My only method
The invitation to play
Sticky, senseless
Breathless –
and to what benefit
But the banter,
a curious dialogue
and the idea
of rapture.


Summer swelter in the dark
starless nights
and cloud cover threatening
chaos on the ‘morrow
I am absolved for the day’s taking
in this moment of lover’s bliss
but sweat breaking
cannot enjoy
the lover’s kiss
when my body lies aching
in the Summer swelter.


I find a note of discord about his curious face
Trying to piece together a knowing
the thick melody red in the balloon glass
tittering on the edge of a frameless mood
blown about with a whistling sigh
rises in tendrils from his hot skin
and settles into the paint-peeling walls
of a heart once deliciously vibrant
and warmed by undertones
this joyous notion
my sweet serene.

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