An explanation of sorts
so that the audience should not mistake
the selfie, the vanity,
the Look at Me
for anything other than an attempt to save
the memory of my face,
while it still holds the shape
of my fading youth.
Indeed, once it is gone, it is gone
and I’m sure it won’t be long
until it escapes me completely.
So this is me, desperately
recording every picture
of this very moment in time
here, I wanted the world to see
that I was once pretty.


Yes, this is the place
to remedy the ache
she felt deep in the bones
the call to come home
– and so she came.


Once small, her voice weak
she struggled to find the words to speak
to say no. no. no.
because life inevitably gives
us moments in the score
where the lyrics are a-jumble
and the protagonist stumbles
through the conflict, the character-making scene
like then, when there came a familiar face
of a man with a vile plan; a secret plan
this I’m sure, he’d thought it before
to make her laugh, just enough
so that he could take a hand
and make it wrong.

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