Let’s play with addictions
let’s have a good time –
if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.
Let’s get weird together
fill our bellies with fire –
laugh until we cry.
Let’s make a memory
Something just between you and I –
a gift to immortalise the time.
Let’s get lost together
hold hands and simply roam –
enjoy finding our way home.


Impressed upon me, way back –
your vocals scratched on a distant track
I heard your voice, I knew it then
the future held us skin-to-skin


I was taken, cracked like an egg
I fondle a furrow, thinking
did this come from then?
and a reality I was told later
something, assuredly, that couldn’t be<
No. No one examined me
only a false memory, a child’s make- believe
My imagination, even then
conspiring against me
with a vision of unpleasantries
one where I questioned
what the fuck was wrong with me
unnaturally, a rare and curious oddity
that didn’t break: it snapped and stretched
and years later, unchanged by time
this awkward thing on my mind
that I took myself there, alone
I later drove myself home
bleeding on the seat.

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