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A Colour Reading

The Pleasant

Alert Self-Protection is of great importance | Consciously seeking enrichment through expanded horizons | Self-development is unthinkable without loving attention | An agreeable life perceived only through vigorous self-assertion | Powers focussed on purposeful improvement of the given situation | Constantly striving for inner balance with deliberate self-determination.

The Unpleasant

Anxiety ensues with a frightening lack of power | Helpless in the face of continued lack of enjoyment | Unable to truly embrace life, troubled by inner restlessness | Without peace, devoid of resolve – struggling with own heavy burden of problems | Must hide the emotional sensitivity | General well-being and balance disrupted by a gruelling test of nerves.

The Overview

My behaviour is characterised by a need for power and unwillingness to dance to another’s tune. I’d rather speak my own truth, demanding attention. My ability to dominate brings much self-satisfaction, particularly when I can easily exert my control.